Russet Potato
Hash Brown Shredded 1/8 Cut
Julienne (Country) Hash Brown 3/16 Cut
Russet Chunk (O'Brien)
Cooked Diced 1/2 Cut
Sliced With Skin 1/4 Cut (or)
Cooked Sliced With Skin
Raw Sliced Without Skin 1/4 Cut (or)
Cooked Sliced Without Skin
Raw Hand Cut (or)
Cooked Hand Cut
Whole Peeled Potato
30# Dry Pack
20# Tub (in water)
Red Potato
Raw Red Diced 1/2 cut (or)
Cooked Red Diced 1/2 cut
Raw Red Chunk 3/4 cut (or)
Cooked Red Chunk 3/4 cut
Raw Red Sliced1/4 cut (or)
Cooked Red Sliced1/4 cut
Raw Red Wedge (or)
Cooked Red Wedge
Sweet Potato
Fresh Sweet Potato Fries 3/8 cut
Sliced 1/8 cut
Chef's Presentation Cut
Chateau Zucchini
Chateau Yellow Squash
Turned Green Zucchini
Turned Yellow Squash
Turned Red Potatoes
Carved Mushroom Potatoes
Russet Chateau
Yukon Chateau
Frozen Skins 200 ct.
Frozen Skins 150 ct.
Frozen Skins 100 ct.
Twice Baked w/ Cheese, Sour Cream 6oz.
Frozen Mashed Individual Serving 4 oz.
Yam Twiced Baked 6 oz.
Yam Squares 4 oz.
Your Potato People!
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