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When Quality Counts
About Us
Produce Available's mission is to deliver quality products and provide exceptional services to
our customers.  Centralized facilities in Oxnard and Santa Maria allow Produce Available easy
access into prime agricultural regions to ensure the freshest produce possible.  In addition,
Produce Available has the unique benefit of its sister processing facility,
Valley Spuds,
providing daily supplies of freshly prepared potato products. With many suppliers within a
few miles of our facilities, Produce Available can get what your business needs when you
need it.
Produce Available can serve the distinct needs of foodservice
businesses.  Customers include: restaurants, hotels, country
clubs, hospitals, retirement centers, schools, and food
manufacturers. Our Oxnard warehouse supplies our customers
from Santa Barbara to Orange County. Our Santa Maria
warehouse services our northern accounts from Los Olivos to
Paso Robles.  With the growing needs of customers, Produce
Available has expanded its product line to encompass a wide
range of products beyond fresh produce.  To ensure a high
quality product, Produce Available transports its products using
a fleet of refrigerated trucks and uses its cold-storage facilities
to house specific inventory.
Produce Available not only prides itself on having high
quality products, but high quality services as well.  We
put customer's needs first.  We strive to be your business
partner to help make you as successful as possible.  From
our sales staff, to customer service, to special deliveries,
we go above and beyond for you.  We guarantee our
product at Produce Available.  You may return any
product for a full refund within 24 hours of its delivery.
Now that’s confidence in our product!  Our bilingual
customer service is available 24 hours a day to answer
your questions and help place your orders.